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X, X+, XL....XXL(?)

We have indeed been able to follow very interesting product launches in the MWC 2014. Samsung has inroduced much waited Tizen products to the public, whereas Nokia is approaching Google by introducing a totally new device family with Android OS.
Many of us might have lost confident on Tizen since it has taken a loooong time for a giant like Samsung to get the first device out. Has it taken too long, I don't think it has. Yet Samsung needs to come up with many more devices and this time the waiting period should be much shorter than 24 months.

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Mobile market is hungry for disruption!

I am a huge fan of openess! I've been fortuned to grow up in country where the most widely used open source technologies have been kick-started. I was also brought up to respect individual privacy.

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My Lumia 800 experience so far

I bought myself the Lumia 800 device about 8 weeks ago. For the first 2 weeks it remained in its box un-opened. It is amazing how difficult it is to switch into a new device. As a relatively sceptic person I always fear that I'll go through the trouble for nothing. By trouble I mean: getting myself a micro SIM, transferring all my contacts MANUALLY into the new device and setting my numerous email accounts to the new device. And what IF something goes wrong as it tends to do too often?

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Can operators successfully launch an app store?

I ran into this question in the Mobile Show -Linkedin group. It was raised by Mr. Follow Ziad from a company called Maysalward  at Jordan. My reply can be found from: .

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How to unlock a true innovation?

Yesterday I had a very interesting discussion with my dear old friend, who also has some background in the telcom industry however nowadays she works in another sector. We were thinking of the current application portfolio per today and whether there is still room for new fance brands or have the consumers basically seen it all by now. Of cource no-one can say which on is true, but we discovered at least one thing: There would be lots of possibilities for apps and services that were 'cross-innovated' by two or more companies.

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WP7 Mango and HTML5 applications' gestures

I was trying to implement gestures in my prototype application for WP7 using HTML5/javascript and faced few interesting problems. After searching for solutions in developer forums, I gathered some useful information that helped me achieve the goal.

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Time does NOT fly

I feel both a bit disappointed AND relieved at the same time. The reason is that despite of the old “how time flies” idiom, I find the utmost surprise to see how slowly the smartdevice time has flown.

A bit over ten years ago the entire 'platform' race got started by Nokia introducing the Series60 aka S60 aka Symbian. Then came Google with its' Android, Apple with iOS, Samsung with bada and Microsoft with WM. All trying to learn from their predecessors’ mistakes.

There are basically four common natures that apply to all above-mentioned platforms:

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My first encounter with N9

My first reaction to the N9 is that it looks similar to the Samsung Galaxy and Wave, but more square, making it seem more bulky and less sleek. The screen is quite clear and bright(a battery-eater), no freezing yet, however it does not seem to be so sensitive, it takes a couple of tries to get back to the home page or to other pages. The apps run well and the keypad is easy to type on. The camera quality is quite good, but the pictures do not come out as clearly as expected, luckily there is a good zoom on the pictures. The best part of this phone is the music!

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My Samsung Wave II, and why I love it

I bring my phone everywhere with me, and when I look around, I see that most of my friends have iPhones, and because of that, they think my phone should be an iPhone too. But never in a million years would I change my WaveII for an iPhone. This is why…

One part of the phone that I really love is the camera. My favorite part of it is that I can take slow motion videos! I also love the panorama effect on the phone. Another great thing is that there is a camera on the other side of the phone. Perfect for taking photos with my friends! 

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The MS Story

Yesterday I had a chance to spend a day at a MS event called: TechNet/ Windows Phone UX Tour. I really need to admit that I was surprised how well prepared the message was: MS has indeed taken the advantage from its footprint in today's enterprise IT and is now attempting to use that as a bridge to build the victory story for WM7 too. and to be frank I wouldn't be too surprised to see that happening in real life!

Collecting everything: Sharepoint, OS, Silverlight, Cloud and now mobile under one umbrella really makes it a very very unique offering.