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At Foreca, we know the weather. With our weather services we help our clients to focus better their business operations, to avoid risks and to create more revenue.

Foreca is not only about the weather. We love to apply new technologies to present weather information to public or to our customers. Foreca is known as a front runner in mobile and internet weather services. And we are always eager to develop new business around weather.

Foreca's clients come from more than 40 countries from mobile and internet to energy and shipping industries.

We also operate our own and mobile site in nearly 40 languages. People from more than 200 countries and territories are using Foreca weather services daily.

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ForecaWeatherAPI for developers



The ForecaWeatherAPI provides weather forecasts, current conditions and optional mobile weather animations for any location in the world. ForecaWeatherAPI offers three types of raw data feeds for various usage scenarios: 

  • NaviFeed - latitude/longitude coordinate based queries for forecasts, current conditions and maps
  • NameFeed - name based queries for forecasts, current conditions and maps
  • BatchXML - batch files containing forecasts and optional current conditions for a fixed location list

All of the feeds are available as XML and delimited ASCII. Use the free NaviFeed ”getting started” package to provide latitude/longitude coordinate based weather conditions and forecast data anywhere in the world. NaviFeed provides accurate weather information based on your position and the forecast is created on the fly based on the coordinates. Please note that Foreca doesn’t just map you to the forecast of closest major location, but delivers you accurate forecast for exactly the requested location. You can use the API in your own applications or web services. To access the API and more detailed information, please select the Register link on the right to gain access to Free ForecaWeather API.